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Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

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New!  Clothing Retailers Provide Families Access to Dress for Success Clothing Needs
Click here to find just one option for your shopping needs for clothing items that match the requirements of the EVSC's Dress for Success clothing policy,  now in effect for these 22 schools:

Elementary Schools
Caze Elementary
Dexter Elementary
Fairlawn Elementary
Harper Elementary
Stockwell Elementary

K-8 Schools
Cedar Hall Community School
Glenwood Leadership Academy
Lincoln School
Lodge Community School

Middle and Jr. High Schools
Helfrich Park STEM Academy
McGary Middle Equity School
North Jr. High School
Perry Heights Middle School
Plaza Park International Prep Academy
Thompkins Middle School
Washington Middle School

High Schools
Academy for Innovative Studies Middle & High School
Bosse High School
Central High School
Harrison High School
North High School
Reitz High School

More providers will be listed as information is sent to the EVSC.

Where Should My Child Go to School?

If you are new to the EVSC and need to find out what school district your child will attend, please click here. If you have questions, call the Center for Family, School and Community Partnerships at 812-435-8866.

Enrollment for 2012-13
For complete summer enrollment times, please click here.

Enrollment for EVSC high schools and high school programs is open to anyone from this region. To learn more about the numerous EVSC programs and schools now enrolling for next school year, check out the links below.
– Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center or call 812-435-8438.

-- International Baccalaureate Programme
or call Eric Eades at 812-477-1661.

-- Medical Professions Academy
or call Alan Woodruff at 812-435-9292.

-- Early College High School
or call 812-492-0532
-- EVSC Virtual Academy
or call

- New Tech Institute
call 812-435-0967

-- Randall Shepard Academy for Law and Social Justice.
call 812-477-1046

-- Center for Family and Community Outreach at Harrison High
or call 812-477-1046.

EVSC Releases Spring 2012 ISTEP+ Results
The results of this spring’s ISTEP+ tests taken by students in Grades 3-8 show two-year gains in the English/Language Arts and Mathematics scores in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.

“We are pleased to have several schools and grade levels scoring above 90% passing ISTEP this year and also to have some big gains in percent passing in the past year. We also have some pass rates that are less than what we desire and we are working on interventions to help raise those numbers,” said Superintendent David Smith. “All students come to the EVSC with different abilities and we are proud that we take each of those children where they are and find ways to motivate and educate them to do their very best.”

Smith said the EVSC is enhancing and honing interventions that target academic performance and also social and emotional issues that may be aggravating student performance on the tests.
“Now, more than ever, teachers and administrators are relying on individual student data – focusing on this information in Performance Management sessions, Student Support Groups, and Personal Learning Communities (PLC), bringing everyone together to discuss attendance, social/emotional behaviors, and academic performance – to provide supports to help all students. We want not only those who are struggling to continue to see their test scores climb; but also those who are already passing the test,” Smith said.


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