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EVSC Good Schools Getting Better


Map of Building Locations

The following Google map shows the locations of EVSC Schools and Buildings.

There are three (3) views of the map:
1.  Map view - Locations with street names when you zoom in on the location.
2.  Satellite view - Locations with actual satellite photos of the location.
3.  Hybrid view - Locations with satellite views of the locations, plus street names.

The blue county line is approximate.

New North District Map
This will take effect in Fall 2011
Map of Building Locations
EVSC Athletic Fields
Map of School Locations
PDF format

School & Teacher Web Sites

Schools that are online with new web pages can be viewed at the following site:

Charter Schools

The following is information regarding Charter Schools sponsored by the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation -- Signature School (9-12) and Joshua Academy (K-8).

Charter Monitoring Guidelines
Joshua Academy
Signature School

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