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EVSC District Calendar

Click here to access the EVSC District Calendar. This calendar includes events and announcements happening at EVSC schools.

School Calendars

To see a list of school calendars, including start dates and holidays for EVSC schools, click here.

Printable DynaCal Instructions
Instructions for Customizing DynaCa
Click here to print instructions on how to customize DynaCal calendars

My DynaCal Instant Notifications

Parent User Interface


What is DynaCal?
DynaCal is our school's online Calendar and Facility Scheduling System, which allows a quick and easy way to schedule all events.  All the events are scheduled in DynaCal, and it instantly updates the online calendar for your convenience.  You can view our online calendar at

You can also narrow the view of events for specific departments, schools, or other featured calendars we have created for quick access.

My DynaCal & Custom Calendar Views
     1.      Go to:
Click on the My DynaCal link (left navigation panel)
     3.      Enter email and password
     4.      Choose “Add New Calendar”
     5.      Give the calendar a name (i.e. Jonny’s Band Events)
     6.      Select the categories of events that you would like to view in this calendar
     7.      Once you select the categories you wish to view in this customized view click on “Save.”

You can create as many different calendars as you wish, by repeating steps 4 through 7, listed above.  Once your calendar views are created, you can choose to be notified via email or text message in case of changes to events in your selected categories.

My DynaCal & Instant Notifications
The notifications will be automatically generated once the event is cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled.  The notifications can reach you via email or mobile phone messages.

     1.      From the My DynaCal screen set your preferences for Alerts for each calendar view

     2.      Choose the option of when you would like to be notified
a.      As the changes are posted to the calendar
b.      A certain number of days prior to the event

     3.      If you choose to receive Text Alerts you will need to enter your cell mobile phone number and the mobile carrier

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