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7301 Lincoln Ave. • Evansville , IN 47715 • (812) 476-4971
Principal: Shane Browder

Make Up Days

EVSC schools will be extending the school day until 3:40pm from
March 31 - April 7 to make up the last snow day.

EVSC schools will use April 18, April 21, and May 23 as make up days and will be in session.

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March Newsletter

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We will be sending out email announcements this year to keep parents connected with what's going on at school.  

To sign up simply send an email to

Welcome to Plaza Park International Academy

Parents, to insure student safety we ask that you wait until 7:15am to drop students off in the morning.  If your student is a car rider in the evening, they should be picked up by 2:40pm.

"Dress for Success" information can be found under Dress Code tab located above.

Students that don't have their Citizenship are not allowed to stay after school for ballgames and other activities.  A student loses their citizenship if they receive one (1) U, two (2) in school suspensions or one (1) out of school suspensions.

Parents, please help your child remember their lunch money daily.  If a student gets an IOU, it is expected that it will be paid the next day.  School Lunch is $2.

Book Rental Invoices will be mailed from downtown the week of September 16th.  Please take the original invoice to Old National Bank for payment.

For more information as to "What's going on at Plaza", please see "Daily Announcements!"

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Plaza Park's Name Reflects New School Culture

Plaza Park has researched how best to provide its students with the experiences they need to prepare for their futures in the global marketplace. The new school mission is to “provide a global learning experience that prepares students to be lifelong learners and community leaders,” with the goal of producing students that are “academically, socially, and culturally prepared to exceed global expectations,” said Principal Shane Browder.The school will have an international focus on world language and cultural awareness, working to establish community partnerships from individuals and companies that can share the global nature of their work; focus on project based learning, and increased language studies through Rosetta Stone, as well as other eLearning opportunities.