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1901 Lynch Road • Evansville , IN 47711 • (812) 435-8281
Principal: Elizabeth McGovern
School of Academic & Career Development
(Formerly Stanley Hall Enrichment Center)

School of Academic & Career Development
School of Academic & Career Development empowers students at risk of
dropping out of school to:
       Earn a high school diploma
       Advance to post-secondary education or gainful employment
       Remain lifelong learners
       Serve as worthy community members

School of Academic & Career Development

School of Academic & Career Development staff members:
       Empower students academically and socially to culminate their high school 
       exprience in productive citizenship
       Provide an environment that enhances learning and increases students'
       responsibility for their actions
       Stress the importance of graduation and life-long learning

E-VSC Mission:

Provide the best education possible for our children so they can make the world a better place.

E-VSC Philosophy:

         Provide a safe environment
       Always try to improve
       Treat people as we want to be treated
       Help make E-VSC a valuable member of the community

School of Academic and Career Development Mission

The School of Academic and Career Development, in partnership with parents and the greater community work to create a safe environment and empower students at risk of dropping out of school to; earn a high school diploma, remain life long learners, and serve as productive and responsible members of the community.

School of Academic and Career Development Beliefs:

The staff of the School of Academic and Career Development believes all students:
     Can learn
     Must have their survival needs met
     Deserve a safe environment conducive to learning
     Deserve curricula that are responsive to their current and projected needs
     Have equal access to curricula that enhance opportunity to maximiz personal 
     Deserve respect
     Deserve the opportunity to build self-esteem
     Have the power to use their talents, tools, and resources
     Are responsible for their actions and learning
     Should contribute to the society of which they are a part
The School of Academic and Career Development staff and students are dedicated to increasing the graduation rate in the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation.

School of Academic and Career Development Community Characteristics
The School of Academic and Career Development is a non-traditional high school program organized in the Fall of 1988 and designed for students residing in Vanderburgh County experiencing difficulty staying in school due to a variety of personal situations.  SACD assists the other accredited high schools by providing a service that empowers identified student population to graduate from high school.  SACD maintains a success oriented program designed to assist students to build self-esteem, develop and/or apply desired work habits, gain computer literacy and career information and increase awareness of the importance of high school graduation.  Graduates are expected to become worthy family members, productive workers, good citizens and life-long learners.

Service Learning
Service learning is an integral part of the educational process at SACD.  Students and staff work with businesses, service agencies, not-for-profit corporations, and colleges and universities to provide real world service opportunities to contribute to the betterment of neighborhoods and the real world.

Staff members are recruited and hired in the same format that teachers/administrators are hired in all E-VSC schools.  After the hiring process the selected staff members act as facilitators, mentors, and student advocates.  Teachers are licensed.  A secretary and part-time social worker complete the staff.  There is support from E-VSC, grant programs, many organizations, and individuals.
The School of Academic and Career Development open-concept high school program is housed in the A-wing of the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center, 1901 Lynch Road, Evansville, Indiana.  Administrative offices, an open concept classroom, two computer labs, individual classrooms, a resource room and a fitness center complete the school.  Our location at the Tech Center enhances the existing  program by allowing easy access to the vocational and technical programs.

The School of Academic and Career Development supports 100 students when operating at full capacity.  Students can earn credits toward every type of diploma offered by the State of Indiana.  Students attend either a morning or afternoon session.  Students move about in a positive, flexible, informal setting.  They are expected to earn at least three class credits per semester to maintain satisfactory enrollment status.  Failure is not an option at SACD.  Students must earn a C in each course completed at mastery level.  All students can individually contract for an A or B in any class they are enrolled.  Additional assignments and projects are assigned accordingly.  Some Career Cluster areas are available at SACD; students may be eligible to attend classes in another school for areas not available on site.  Evening school is available for some students.  Limited special resources are available.  The ISTEP+ graduation-qualifying exam is offered at SACD twice a year.

Staff, traditional teachers, supervisors and third parties prepare formal academic curricula.  Students and teachers work as a team setting goals and meeting state and local objectives through a creative, challending self-paced methodology.  Social skills are acquired through enrichment activities, school to work opportunities, service-learning projects and the operation of the entire SACD program.


Students enrolled at SACD typically possess one or more of the following characteristics:

       Are frequently late or have excessive absences in traditional school.
       Have dropped out of school or demonstrate a lack of interest in completing
     Have a medical condition which precludes a full-day schedule.
     Do not function successfully in a traditional school setting.
     Have personal or family obligations and responsibilities.
     Are expecting or have a child or children.
     Are emancipated, married or have to work, but want to work toward a high
     school diploma.

Students who are at least 16 years old may be considered as potential
enrollees.They are recommended to SACD by their high school administrators
or the Director of Student Services because of their risk of dropping out of school. Following the recommendation, students arrange an interview with
the SACD Principal or designee and are accompanied to the interview by
a parent, guardian or spouse.  During the interview, the nature of the programs
at SACD is explained and the reasons why the student wishes to become part of
such a program is explored. The accompanying adult offers support and insight
if the student's request to attend. SACD operates under the rules and regulation
of the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation.

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