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350 Dreier Blvd. • Evansville , IN 47712 • (812) 435-8206
Principal: Elizabeth Carnahan

R-Men Awards Ceremony

The Reitz R-Men’s organization will acknowledge every Reitz athlete in an IHSAA sport on Sunday, May 18, in the cafeteria.  Reservations can be made through the athletic office at 435-8211.  Please respond by May 12.  It is always a thrill to see each athlete and to celebrate the scholarship winners.

2014-2015 Immunizations Requirements

Next Year’s Seniors MUST have their Meningitis Booster before Starting Senior Year
The immunization requirements for next school year, for all grade levels, can be found on the EVSC Health Services website:
Please note the requirement change for Meningitis Vaccine for 12th-grade students:
 The Indiana State Department of Health has added a booster dose of Meningococcal Vaccine as a requirement for students in Grade 12 for the 2014-2015 school year.
(Currently, all students in Grades 6 – 12 are required to have 1 dose of this vaccine; starting next school year, those in grade 12 will need the booster dose (for a total of 2 doses)).  If a 12th-grade student received their first dose after age 16, they will not require the booster. Immunizations may be obtained from your family physician, by contacting the USI Community Health Center, 435-0977 (currently located at Glenwood Leadership Academy, Cedar Hall Community School, and Lodge Community School), or by contacting the Vanderburgh County Health Department, Immunization Division, 435-5997 (currently for uninsured children through age 18 and those whose health insurance does not cover immunizations).

Youth Resources TAC

New Visitor Check In Policy

  Reitz now has a check-in station located in the glassed in hall called the link.
·        All parents, guests, community members, subs, student teachers, or central office personnel are asked to check in at that location in the link when entering the building.
·        This allows us to more effectively monitor who is entering our building and assist them with directions.
·        We have temporary signs up at the moment; permanent signs are in the process of being made.
·        Please be mindful of this change to upgrade the safety of our building.
·        Also, be aware that the attendance office has moved and is sharing space with the nurse’s office.

Reitz "Dress for Success" Policy 2013-14

Pants & Knee-Length Shorts & Knee Length Skirts
uniform style, khaki, dress or cargo, knee-length
Colors: solid navy, black, gray, tan, brown
Type: Collared button-down that is buttoned up or polo-shirt, long or short sleeves; a solid color long sleeve may be worn under the polo
Colors: any solid, stripe or plaid shirt
Logo: a single small logo acceptable (up to 2 inches)
Spirit Wear
Only Reitz T-shirts or Reitz jerseys may be worn with the "Dress for Success" pants, skirts, or shorts on spirit days.
Type: solid hood-less
sweater, solid pull-over sweatshirt, solid zip-up fleece, or solid cardigan worn with a collared button-down or polo-shirt underneath
any solid color
Logos: small logo acceptable (up to 2 inches)
Footwear: any footwear except flip-flops/athletic slides or house shoes

  1. Wear clothing without holes.

  2. Wear leggings only if worn with knee-length shorts or skirts.

  3. Wear pants that fit at the waist and do not bag or sag.

  4. Wear clothing that is not see-through or sheer.

  5. Wear jewelry that is not sharp or could cause a safety concern.

  6. Wear clothing that covers the chest, stomach, and shoulders.

  7. Wear "Dress for Success" clothing when returning from another EVSC program.

  8. Do not wear head coverings, hats, or sunglasses in the building.

  9. Do not have body piercings that could be deemed unsafe or distracting.

  10. Do not have an unnatural hair color.

  11. Other dress code issues will be addressed by the school administration.

Perry Heights Engraved Bricks

Click here for more information
Perry Heights Engraved Bricks for new Panther Plaza

Outstanding Alumni Council

·Reitz is about to build a new organization--Outstanding  Alumni   Council.

·The council would be made up of one person from each graduating class from Reitz.

·The outstanding alumni would be selected from all those who apply from their graduating year.

·Once the council was formed, they would meet periodically with the principal to work on special projects.

·One of the aims would be to build a contact list for each graduation year.

·So, graduates who have been working on their reunion committees should most certainly apply because you might already have a contact list in working order.

·Council members would work on special projects ranging from input on the centennial celebration in 2018 to helping in an annual fundraiser to assisting in building a database.

·In no way would our Outstanding Alumni Council compete with our already-formed organizations like Big Blue Boosters or our R-Men organization.

·It would be very possible for an alum to serve in all of these organizations and be on the Outstanding Alumni Council as well.

·Council members would be featured in our print programs, in framed group photos in the building, and at special events.

·If you have an interest in serving on this new council, please email the principal at:



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Athletic Schedules

Click on this sight for athletic schedule
Enter "f" space "j" and hit search- Reitz High School should pop up

Need help with EdEase or Angel

If you need help with setting up your parent access EdEase account or if you want more information about Angel, you can either click on the following link and watch the brief tutorial or read the attached pdf handouts below.


EdEase Handout