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1300 Washington Ave. • Evansville , IN 47714 • (812) 477-1661
Principal: Sheila L. Huff

Bosse Receives Bronze Ranking

Bosse  has reason to celebrate! This spring, Bosse received a Bronze ranking from the U.S. News Best High Schools for 2013. Out of 21,035 public high schools that were evaluated, Bosse was one of 105 to receive a gold or bronze medal. Congratulations to Bosse!

Have a great summer!

A state organization made up of educators, parents and state officials is interested in knowing what you think about your child’s education. The Indiana Center for Family, School and Community Partnerships is asking familiesacross the state to take part in a survey. The survey is made up of general questionsdesigned to help educators figure out the best way to reach out to families. You may have already received the survey link  from your local PTA, but if not, and if you would like to take part, click on the link below. 

Links to the What Matters Most Parent Survey-English

Spanish speaking families can access a Spanish version here: 

Link to the Spanish Survey Monkey 

State-wide survey results will be posted on the Indiana Department of Education website later this year. If you have questions, please contact Jackie Garvey at the Indiana Center for Family,School and Community Partnerships… 1-866-391-1039 or