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1 SE Ninth Street • Evansville , IN 47708 • (812) 401-3203
PTA President: Barry Jones
Evansville Area Council PTA
every child. one voice.

Evansville Area Council PTA

Clothing Bank Hours
Washington Middle School

For students in need of clothing for school, by referral from your school principal or nurse

Appointment Hours
Tuesday through Thursday 9:30-11:45 AM
Each appointment you may bring up to 2 boys and 3 girls

Volunteer Evening:
Third Wednesday of each month 6-8 PM

Additional evening hours can be arranged for volunteers as needed

Located at Washington Middle School
Call 477-8983 for appointment

For Further Information
Talk to your school nurse or principal’s office

Back to School Shopping Spree
August 11, 2007

Area Council Clothing Bank

 Chairperson:  :

Kris Wargel                               


Phelecia Seibert                                                        491-2397
759 East Virgina Street 47711

Shannon Beard                                                         473-8161
2101 Sweetser Avenue  47714