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111 N. Tekoppel Ave. • Evansville , IN 47712 • (812) 435-8333
Principal: Michael Taylor


Tekoppel is located in the heart of Evansville's westside and is rich in traditions. Our doors opened in 1909, and the original building still stands and is fully operational. It is the oldest original and complete structure which is still fully operational in Evansville. The old building houses our second and third grade classrooms and a parent resource center which is sponsored by our PTA. A "new" addition was attached to the original building in 1960. Kindergarten, first, fourth, fifth, gym, art, and music classrooms and our cafeteria, media center, and offices are located in the new building.

Approximately 520 students attend Tekoppel in kindergarten through fifth grade. The Tekoppel faculty and staff consists of 22 homeroom teachers, an art teacher, a vocal music teacher, a physical education teacher, two special education teachers, a speech therapist, a special education assistant, three kindergarten assistants, a media aide, five cafeteria staff members, three custodians, six daycare staff members, a secretary, a half-day nurse, a counselor, and a principal.

As you enter Tekoppel School and walk down the halls, you can see how our faculty interacts with students in a caring atmosphere. Students are treated with courtesy and respect while being engaged in learning activities to foster creativity, build skills and concepts, and master Indiana Academic and Common Core State Standards.

Our School's History

Tekoppel School began in 1909 as a four room brick building.  Each room had its own heating stove.  There was no basement or indoor plumbing.  Students brought their lunches.  If they had to use the restroom, they had to go to the outhouse.  Indoor plumbing was installed at Tekoppel in 1934. 

Kindergarten began in 1938 in the basement.  Tekoppel was the first county school in the state of Indiana to have a public kindergarten.  In 1940, Tekoppel students could enjoy a hot lunch for 15 cents.  They could also get a glass of orange juice for just one penny!

Tekoppel was remodeled in 1950 and kindergarten through sixth grade were in the original building.  In 1962, the "new" building was completed.  Tekoppel became a K-8 school.  In 1984, the EVSC changed from a K-8 system.  Tekoppel became a K-5 elementary school and middle schools were established.  Beginning in 1984 and continuing through today, Tekoppel students go to Helfrich Park Middle School for sixth through eighth grades.  Then those former Tekoppel Bears are on to Reitz High School. 

Throughout its long history, students from many places in the United States and the world have attended Tekoppel.  Families and alumni take great pride in Tekoppel as new generations of the same families move into the district so their children can attend Tekoppel. 

In 2009, Tekoppel celebrated our centennial!  What an accomplishment!  In 2013, we were the proud recipients of a makeover from the Outreach to Teach program.  Our school's campus was spruced up inside and out and our new mascot and school colors were added to the decor inside.  Stop by sometime and see our Tiger Pride!