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4720 Stringtown Rd. • Evansville , IN 47711 • (812) 435-8320
Principal: Martin Brown

Our cafeteria is a good place to practice good manners and to show respect and consideration for fellow students.  Good behavior is expected at all times.  During the first week of school, all children will be given an application for free and reduced lunches to take home to their parents.  Only those who wish to apply need to return the forms.  Please keep in mind that we are required to provide every parent with the opportunity to apply.

The breakfast program only begins at 7:25 a.m. and ends at 7:55 a.m.  Breakfast students must enter the building through the outside doors closest to the cafeteria.  When dismissed, they are to report immediately to their homeroom.

Students are encouraged to bring in lunch money to deposit in their accounts; otherwise, the charge must be paid each day.  If students bring sack lunches, they are to be eaten in the cafeteria.  Please do not include bottled or canned drinks.

Our cafeteria is equiped with a computerized system, and each student has a pin number in order to access that system.  If the child's account is empty, an IOU is issued; and a slip is sent home with the student stating that the account is overdrawn.